How many annoying and pointless leads do you receive for every rental you need to lease?  These calls, emails and texts must be responded to and may occupy hours of valuable staff time.  What if there were a way to eliminate annoying leads and focus your time with qualified applicants? You need a boost to your company: a Tenant Boost.  We help companies streamline their rental process and generate potential new ancillary income.  No monthly fee, no paying by the minute or second or even a monthly fee per door under management.  Free lease lead assistance is now available.  Here is what we offer:

Tenant Boost – Every lead call or email will be routed to our Tenant Boost specialist.  For no cost, they answer in your company’s name, provide qualifying information on the lease and track every lead. 

FREE For Every Lease
Dedicated Phone Line
Dedicated Email/Contact
All Leads Screened
Showings Scheduled Manually or with an Outside Source
All Leads Tracked & Returned
Drip Campaign Assistance

Tenant Transition – It might be that the amount of rent your tenant is paying is comparable to paying a mortgage and owning their own property.  A recent poll found that 50% of all tenants would like to own instead of rent.  At no cost, we will have a lender pre-qualify them to purchase a property. 

Only one lead out of the 20, 30 or 40 leads will become your tenant, and the rest shuffle along to the next lease listing.  We relieve the expense and frustration of unqualified and time consuming rental leads, provide better reporting and response to your owners, and assist some of these tenants to become buyers and generate a new revenue stream for your company. 

Stop fielding lead calls, chasing leads and showing rentals.  Streamline your leasing operations, and give yourself a boost today.​


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